After School Activities and Clubs

Art Club- Mr. Medina
Chorus- Mr. Curry   
Rosemont Chorus students were made up of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who has a love for music presentation. Each student was selected based upon their vocal ability, the academic ability as well as their behaviors in Chorus as well as their core classes. Each student was asked to participate throughout the entire year in various music presentations. The students were energetic, dedicated and willing to participate in bringing joy through song and movement to the entire school, parents and our community. It  was a joy working with each student. Mr. Curry misses them and look forward to next year in building their musical skills to another level.

Book Club- Ms. Daddio

The Book Club is scheduled to meet each Tuesday in the media center from 3:45-4:30. The purpose of Book Club is for students grades 3-5 to read and discuss the Sunshine State Books and get ready to compete in the Orange County Battle of the Books. Each student is asked to focus on 3 out of the 15 Sunshine State books. The students will be reading, discussing, writing questions about and quizzing each other on the Sunshine State books.

Only six students will be picked to go against other OCPS schools for the battle. The students that are serious about reading and knowing the Sunshine State Books will be chosen to represent Rosemont in the April battle. If we win the April battle then we get to go on to the finals. 

My Brother's Keeper- Mr. Leslie & Mr. Curry

Rosemont Elementary is happy to announce our 2nd year of the “My Brother’s Keeper Male Mentoring Program. The programs target goal is to fill in the opportunity gaps than many young boys/men of color face. The program is open to young boys who can benefit from strong male leaders.  Regular meetings are held where we discuss topics such as academics, social skills, character development, respect, integrity, goal-setting, leadership, values, morals, self-confidence, appearance, and how to pursue positive opportunities.  We also have opportunities available for the youth to volunteer in the community as well as attend different off campus events.

SWAG- Mrs. Dodd & Ms. Charles

Our Mission for Sisters with Ambitions and Goals (S.WA.G) is to raise the self-esteem and self-image in young girls in Title I communities and schools.  Girls in Title I schools and communities, on a large scale tend to struggle with many issues including low self-esteem and poor self-worth, lack of education, poverty, lack of resources, lack of opportunities, unemployment, and homelessness, among many other issues.


Investment needs to be made into the lives of such young women: to teach and instill principles, good morals, good character and to help young women to live a purposeful life. Our Mission for Sisters With Ambitions and Goals is to help restore the identity and self-esteem of females in Title I schools and communities, to raise up a generation of young females that will grow to become community leaders, influential world figures, entrepreneurs, business owners and educators by means of helping young women to develop healthy identities, healthy self-esteem and make decisions that will not only transform their lives but also their schools, neighborhoods, communities, cities, and their nation.


"When women do better, countries do better, communities do better, and families do better."