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2. OCPS is excited to announce the release of cutting-edge videos to support standards-based instruction for our early childhood students! Videos are written and produced by OCPS teachers as a creative way to enhance the curriculum for PreK ESE and kindergarten through second grade. OCPS has partnered with the University of Central Florida to provide educational programming on public channel WUCF TV, channel 24.5, to broadcast the videos. For more information on how to access channel 24.5, please contact your local provider. Videos will also be available on the Curriculum and Digital Learning YouTube page and on Canvas. All students in PreK ESE and kindergarten through second grade will be enrolled in a Canvas course to access the videos. New videos will be released monthly for each grade level. Check them out!
3. Eagle Parents- The Food and Nutrition Services department will now offer students breakfast and lunch meals for weekend days. Starting September 28th, curbside meals will include breakfast and lunch for the weekends. Supper will also be included at designated sites. These meals are available to children aged 18 years old or younger. Any OCPS staff member with children may also pick up meals on Mondays. OCPS staff may contact any school food service manager to arrange to pick up the meals. Students attending school face to face will be able to take the weekend meals on Friday. Rosemont students are also served supper as they leave the school campuses. Any changes in the schedule for meal distribution during holidays or non-school days will be announced on the FNS website.

Welcome To Rosemont Elementary School, home of the Eaglesl!

As proud principal of Rosemont Elementary, we are committed to providing a quality education in a safe and supportive environment. Alongside with our parents and community, we will create pathways to ensure every student has a promising and successful future. Dr. Amanda Ellis

Our Eagles soared to a school grade of "B" in the 2018-2019 school year. As we move forward in these challenging times, we are more committed than ever to lead our Eagles to success and continue to improve our evidences of learning . As a team, we have the skill, the will, and the heart to support and engage our Eagles in developing an enthusiasm for learning, a respect for self and others, and the skills to become creative independent thinkers and problem solvers. We want our Eagles to embrace the rigor of the standards, make connections to how how their learning is relevant to their life, and develop relationships that support and enrich their learning.

Through this site and our school-wide use of Class Dojo, we will work hard to provide ongoing communication between parents, teachers, students and other members of our community. My personal commitment to you is to find a way forward, no matter the challenge. One of my favorite quotes is by Michelle Obama: "Empower yourself with a good education, then get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise." In partnership with the dedicated teachers and staff at Rosemont Elementary, we will all work together to create the pathways to ensure our Eagles have a promising and successful future!

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to make sure that all students are moving forward on their path!

Dr. Amanda Ellis
Rosemont Elementary School

Congratulations Mrs. Pastaurin, Rosemont Elementary's Teacher of the Year!
Congratulations Mrs. Daubert, Rosemont Elementary's Support Person of the Year!

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