Media Center

Congratulations to Rosemont's students who have earned 100

or more AR points this year! AWESOME JOB!!!!

The Rosemont Media Center is a large, beautiful area of the school located just behind the office. We have over 20,000 items for student and teacher use. In addition to books, our media center houses magazines, big books, read-along kits, videos, and audiovisual equipment all of which are cataloged using the Follett Destiny computer management system.

Follett Destiny is an internet-based media management system which allows the use of a computer to search the catalog. 

Rosemont's Catalog

 Students come in small groups to select books. Our media center follows the procedures and policies of Orange County Public Schools as stated in the Media Center Handbook. Please discuss with your child his/her responsibility for the care and timely return of library books. Although we do not charge for overdue items in elementary school, a damaged or lost book must be paid for by the student who checks it out.