Media Center Policies


The Media Center will operate on a total flexible schedule. Teachers may send up to four (4) students at any time during the day to check out books. Classes may also be scheduled for story time, special lessons, and other activities in the Media Center. Teachers remain with class when coming to Media Center. Prior arrangements should be made with the Media Specialist.

Media Center Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
8:45 AM – 2:30 AM

8:45 AM – 1:30 AM

Closed: 12:00 – 12:30 for lunch


Grade K – These students will come to the Media Center with their teacher as scheduled with the Media Specialist. These sessions will begin in September or October. Students will enjoy stories, learn about book care, learn how to check out books, etc. Students will then begin checking out one (1) book.

Grade 1 – These students will attend a Media Center orientation and then will be allowed to check out one (1) book to take home or read in their classroom. Halfway through the year, teachers may decide to have students check out two (2) books.

Grade 2-5 – These students will attend a Media Center orientation and then will be allowed to check out two (2) books to take home or read in their classroom.

All books are checked out for a period of two weeks and can be renewed for an additional two weeks. Students who have an overdue book will not be allowed to check out more books until the overdue book is paid for or returned. Overdue notices will be sent to classroom teachers on a regular basis.


All regular books will be checked out for a four week period. Classroom teachers are encouraged to check out up to 25 books each month to keep as a classroom library.

All listening centers will be checked out for a four week period.

All DVD’s/videos will be checked out for one day use only. Please return these at the end of each day, so others will be able to use them.

Teachers are responsible for lost or damaged professional books, but not books checked out for classroom libraries for student use. Students, should, however, be encouraged to act responsibly when using books belonging to the school.

All Media Center material is to be checked out by the circulation computer. Please do not remove any item from the Media Center without having it scanned through the computer.


The entire Media Center collection can be accessed from any computer since it is web-based at: Destiny Web Site. Please utilize this feature to plan your lessons and see what books and materials we own. It also tells you if the item is checked out or presently available.


Request for Materials – I will gladly pull all materials available for your units. Please email me and give me 2-3 days advance notice.

Interlibrary loan – I will request materials located at other schools for use with your classroom. Please plan ahead and allow 1-2 weeks for these materials to reach our school.

I will also provide training sessions (group or individual) to staff members who wish to have training on Destiny.


Please pull the DVD/Video or let me know what you would like to have shown. Let me know the date and time and I will gladly play it for you.